2x screen protector Samsung Galaxy S8 S9 S10+ hydrogel protective film


This latest generation ultra-thin hydrogel film was developed to offer your display perfect protection.

The hydrogel absorbs shock and distributes it across the screen surface. In addition, it absorbs small scratches. Slight scratches regenerate themselves. All the usual functions remain 100% intact. The screen protectors are only 0.2 mm thin, so the glass films remain unobtrusive. With this screen protector, scratches don't stand a chance.


✓3D full coverage

✓100% fit accuracy

✓Fingerprint sensor

✓0.2mm Ultra Thin

✓Rounded edges, complete display

✓HD Clear Glass

✓Grease repellent protective coating

✓Fingerprints are easier to remove

✓no touch impairments

✓Haptics ensure smooth, gliding fingers

✓Free express shipping to DE


You need to turn on touch sensitivity in settings


Scope of delivery: 2x hydrogel screen protector of your choice

cleaning set

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